1st A350-1000 Delivery to Qatar Airways – 20th Feb 2018 Still ahead of the curve

1st A350-1000 Delivery to Qatar Airways – 20th Feb 2018 Still ahead of the curve

At Qatar Airways, we are continuously seeking to elevate the expectations of your journey with a refined level of innovation.

As the global launch customer of the A350-1000, we fulfill this promise by being the first airline across the globe to fly the most technologically advanced aircraft in the skies. Through our never-ending pursuit, we look forward to introducing new technologies and finding new ways to deliver the most memorable flying experience in the world.

Modern cabin

– The widest cabin body of any class with vertical sidewalls and largerwindows creating an extra spacious feel
– The largest overhead bins of any aircraft for maximum storage
– A flat cabin floor without any obstructions for extra legroom
– The widest seats of any jetliner in its category, with generous room within all classes

Passenger experience

– Advanced air system technology which delivers optimal cabin air quality, renewing air every two-to-three minutes for more comfort and less fatigue.
– A draft-free air circulation system resulting in a low ambient cabin noise level for a more peaceful journey
– LED mood lighting (with 16.7 million colours) which mimic a natural sunrise and sunset to help reduce the effects of jet lag
– The quietest cabin of any twin-aisle aircraft and the lightest 350-plus capacity passenger aircraft, placing it at the cutting edge of air travel

Design and performance

– Made from 53% composite material, which allows for lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions per passenger
– The most advanced fully integrated wing design sporting highly distinctive and super-efficient winglets for greater aerodynamic efficiency
– An advanced flight control system, which constantly adapts to minimise gust-induced wing loading
– An active humidification system in First and Business Class that replicates a private jet flying experience

Technological advancements

– The first aircraft to systematically offer internet connectivity, providing passengers with a global broadband connection
– High-bandwidth fibre optics delivering high-definition video to passengers
– Cameras installed on the tail and belly of the aircraft that provide passengers with a 360° outside view throughout the flight
– Advanced design technologies that contribute to fuel consumption which is 25% lower than other aircraft in the same category

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